Geo Stelar (brothers_band) wrote,
Geo Stelar

... Um, hi. I've tried and failed to be quiet about this sort of thing, but... I've been looking back at the journal backlog, so I guess I should just come clean.

My name is Geo Stelar. I'm a normal human, but... I have a friend with me who isn't. His name is Omega Xis, and he's an alien called an AM-ian. He comes from a planet where life forms are made of electromagnetic waves, and he's not really tangible in our world. He calls himself Mega, as well.

But what he can do is merge with a human being... like myself. Together, we call ourselves Mega Man when we're in this state.

I've noticed other people using this term. I don't think I'm from your world, but... from a world kind of like it. Or a parallel world to it... I once encountered someone from my world's past that used the name too.

There are people here who use the name Mega Man for good and bad things... I don't want to continue letting that last thing happen.

What I'm basically saying is... I know I'm just a kid, but Mega and I have already helped save our world once already. It's not just with the Mega Man thing... we want to help everybody.
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