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Brother Band

Geo Stelar and Omega Xis

Geo Stelar
14 December
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Character Name: Geo Stelar, Mega Man (when fused with Omega-Xis)

D-Comm Color: Blue and silver
D-Comm Symbol: Triangular star

World: Geo Stelar is from the world of Mega Man Star Force, which is set in the year of 220x, two hundred years after the events of the Mega Man Battle Network series. In this time period, the world is reliant on technology utilizing electromagnetic waves. The Cyber World is a thing of the past, and has been replaced by the wave world, a manifestation of EM waves that allows data to take shape in a world that both surrounds and is invisible to ours. In the Wave World, Navis, viruses, and programs exist, and interact with technology in ways that are both destructive and helpful.

In this time, the world has also played host to alien beings; in this case, energy beings from the planets AM and FM. The AM-ians have been instrumental and anonymous benefactors to humans, giving them the technology to construct three satellites named Pegasus, Leo, and Dragon, that allow for the manifestation of the EM world around earth. However, the FM-ians have approached Earth as a potential threat, and once targeted it for destruction.

Note - This version of Geo is based on his portrayal in the video games, and not the anime based upon them.

Armored Description: Geo is a human, normally, so he has no special abilities in his natural state. He does, however, hold a Transer, which can perform many of the same functions as the PET from the Battle Network series. It can use Battle Cards (similar to Battle Chips) through use of the Card Force system, interface with computerized technology, and develop a communication link with particular individuals by way of a process called Brother Band. Geo also uses an item called a Visualizer, which allows him to see the Wave World.

Geo can also fuse with an AM-ian alien known as Omega-Xis, through a process called “Electromagnetic Wave Change.” He enters the EM world through a warp called a Wave Hole, and Omega-Xis combines with him, creating an “EM human” known as Mega Man. In this form, Geo and Omega-Xis, or “Mega” as he's often referred to, both maintain separate minds, and can communicate separately from one another. Mega Man is a hybrid of a human and an energy being, and thus, can exist in both the Wave World and the “real world” simply by changing his “frequency,” he can “pulse in” to technology that is designed to receive electromagnetic waves.

Note – For the purpose of this role-play Geo's Transer has been modified to generate Wave Holes on its own, which incidentally allows him to EM Wave Change outside of his home world.

As Mega Man, Mega's “head” forms the buster, from which they can fire energy. What's more, Geo can use Battle Cards through a process called “Predation”, where he “feeds” the Battle Card to Mega, allowing them to use the card as a weapon. There are numerous Battle Cards, and their offensive abilities are diverse. Mega Man can also temporarily form a shield to block certain attacks, but it is not always guaranteed to protect him.

Note – The process by which Geo and Mega use Battle Cards is not actually named in the video game, or shown – you simply select cards and use them. For role-play purposes, the visual concept and process has been assigned to this version of the character.

Unarmored Description: When not transformed into Mega Man, Geo is a normal human boy. He still has, ideally, access to his Transer and his Visualizer, but both of those items can be taken away. He wears a pendant that serves as an (out-dated and broken) communication device, as well.

-History and Personality-

Backstory: Geo is the son of Kelvin and Hope Stelar. Kelvin was a scientist and astronaut working with the organization known as NAZA, and a crew member on the deep space station known as Peace. However, when the station tried to set up communications with the Planet FM, their king took it as a sign of aggression and attacked the station. Kelvin escaped only with the help of Mega, but he was then lost in space. His family never learned of what happened to him, and he was believed dead.

Because of the loss of his father, Geo became withdrawn, and fearful of trusting others. That changed, however, when he encountered Mega, who had come to earth fleeing the warriors of Planet FM. The two became partners and friends, and through their trials, Geo developed bonds with the people around him and became stronger as a result. Eventually, they faced the FM King, Cepheus, and learned what really happened to his father. They defeated Andromeda, Cepheus's greatest weapon, and in the process showed him the error of his ways.

Afterwards, Geo and Mega discovered Wave Holes that led to both outer space and the multi-verse. In the former, he discovered his father's Transer, with a message that reminded Geo to carry on.

Personality: Before he was changed through his friendship with Mega, Geo was withdrawn and somewhat anti-social. Since then, he has opened up more, but can still put people at arm's length or act nervously around others. He's brave, and more level-headed than Mega, but also inexperienced and not completely sure of himself. Geo is also a good student, and has an interest in astronomy.

Character Name: Omega-Xis, Mega, Mega Man (when fused with Geo)

Armored Description: Omega-Xis, or Mega to those who know him, is an energy being from the planet AM. Thus, he technically exists “apart” from living creatures – that is, beings made of matter. He can, however, engage in combat with the beings of Planet AM and FM, as well as EM viruses. In that sense, he has great strength and power for one of his race, though those abilities are diminished when he is not on his home planet.

Mega, as out-lined in Geo's profile, can fuse with a human through a process called “Electromagnetic Wave Change.” As Mega Man, he can “devour” Battle Cards and use them through an act known as “Predation.” Furthermore, as an EM being, he can enter technology designed to receive EM waves (such as Geo's Transer).

Mega resembles a wolf-like being with blue armor, and a main torso composed of green, radiating energy. The specific kind of waves that make up his body are known as “Z waves.”

Note – Normally, Mega is both invisible and intangible in our world. One needs a visualizer to see him at all.

-History and Personality-

Backstory: Omega-Xis is one of the survivors of the Planet AM, which was wiped out by the FM King Cepheus's weapon, Andromeda. Originally, Mega desired vengeance, and infiltrated FM-ian society, and became one of Cepheus's strongest warriors. However, he betrayed his new “lord” by helping the crew of the space station Peace escape, and by stealing the Andromeda Key, which was crucial to Cepheus's plans for earth.

Mega escaped to Earth, where he befriended Geo Stelar, the son of Kelvin Stelar. Together, they fended off the FM-ian invasion of Earth. What's more, through Geo, Mega learned of a life beyond his lonely existence as a warrior and life of vengeance, and when they finally defeated Cepheus, Mega showed him mercy. This showed the FM king the error of his ways. Afterwards, rather than return to a restored planet AM, Mega decided to remain with Geo.

Personality: Mega is somewhat hot-headed and irreverent, which makes him come across as abrasive. His finer qualities, such as his respect for others (which is not easily won) and concern for his friends are not clearly apparent. He is also fun-loving and prone to acting out.

Gaomon: Gaomon is Geo's new digimon partner, bestowed upon him upon entering the Digital World. Gaomon is the opposite of Mega, being rather calm, collected, and rather unflappable... except when butting heads with Geo's other partner. The two of them frustrate one another, and are prone to arguing.

Evolution Line: Gaomon > Gaogamon > MachGaogamon
Type: Beast
Family: Nature Spirits

Gaomon Abilities: Gaomon is a digimon who is skilled at melee combat. His primary attacks are: Gao Rush - A super fast volley of punches; Rolling Upper - A rolling attack that ends in a powerful uppercut; Double Backhand - Whereupon he does a dash, spinning on one foot, and delivering multiple punches in a circular motion; Wild Bark - Gathers up all his power and releases a powerful sonic shout.